The Nice Places Travel to Belitung Island with Mister Aladin, let’s see

Belitung is one of the hidden tourist destinations. Didn’t many people know the real beauty of Belitung? But since the movie of Laskar Pelangi, the beauty of Belitung has begun famous and exposed. That resulted in Belitung became one of the favorite destinations for travelers who want to explore its beauty. Belitung is indeed famous for the beauty of the beaches with its beautiful rocks and makes it amazed when visiting it. When you go to Belitung, you can’t miss going to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Do you want to more explore Belitung? You can travel with Mister Aladin, go with us to “4H3M Jelajah Belitung”. Besides the beaches that you can explore, there were also the tours faced Laskar Pelangi Movie itself. The follows are the tourist attractions in Belitung that you can visit, no less exciting.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach

It’s a famous beach, as one used on the filming spot for the Laskar Pelangi film. This beach is located in the north Belitung its precisely 37 km from the city of Tanjung Pandan. This beach is synonymous with white sand, clear water sea, and super large granite of stones. The wave’s on this beach was also relatively calm. So you can swim without having to be afraid of being carried away by the waves.

Museum of Word Andrea Hirata

The Andrea Hirata Word Museum is the first literature museum in Indonesia. Yes, in this museum you can see the Laskar Pelangi movie collection as well as various works by Andrea Hirata. Here you will find various kinds of works by Andrea Hirata. Various frames with words from Andrea Hirata are here. For those of you who like literature, this place is highly recommended. In addition, it is also suitable for spending vacation time with family.

Vihara Dewi Kwan Im

The goddess of the Kwan Im Temple is an ancient site. This monastery has now been installed for more than a century. The goddess of the Kwan Im Temple was first discovered in 1747. According to the stories, the Goddess Kwan has performed prayers on stone located in one of the largest prayer places in this monastery. The place of worship is called Kon Im. In order to get to this temple, we have to climb a lot of stairs, reaching 86. There were 3 places of prayer at Dewi Kwan Im Temple. The first is called Shimunyo which is located near the steps. If you go upstairs you will find another place of prayer called Sitiyamuni. At the top again, again you will see one of the largest prayer places in this monastery named Kon Im.

Kaolin Lake

It is a lake that has the colors of pure white land and blue water. This lake is formed from the former mining site Kaolin which has been abandoned and nature perfects its beauty. Kaolin itself is a mineral as an industrial material such as cosmetics, paper, food, and toothpaste. Located in Air Raya Village, Tanjung Pandan, this lake is suitable for those of you who like photography. Besides that, you can also swim here. The mineral content can absorb excess oil and make your skin smooth.

There are some perfect places you can explore when you are traveling with our guidance on 4H3M Jelajah Belitung. Wanna know other fun trips? Let’s see on the website!

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