Scrapbook Travel Ideas – Preserve Your Travel Memories

Scrapbook Travel Ideas

Scrapbooking the travel album is a great way to preserve your memories of your vacation. With just a little bit of planning, you can permanently record your trip highlights. There are many things you can use from your trip to embellish your scrapbook pages and make them extra special. Here are some ideas for making fabulous pages for your scrapbook travel album.

Make a page about your method of travel and keep the ticket stubs for use in your album. If you traveled by airplane, you could keep your boarding passes to use. Keep airline napkins, flyers, or other items that have the airlines name on them. If you travel by car, keep some of the road maps you used to reach your destination and any toll receipts or even gas receipts. Take a folder or extra bag with you just so you can store the items that you will be using in your scrapbook pages.

Buy postcards from everywhere you visit and include them in your scrapbook pages. I like to make my journal entries on the back of the post cards and then put them in a pocket on the actual scrapbook page. Sometimes the best pictures of a destination are on the postcards themselves. You can also send a postcard to yourself and then when you get back from your trip, include the postcard (with the postmark) in your album.

Keep items from restaurants and any shows you visit. I like to keep napkins that have the restaurant names on them, umbrellas or other special drink garnishments, or a even a menu (but always ask first). I even kept the bottle caps from an imported beer my husband and I shared at a special little place we visited during our honeymoon in Jamaica.

Use travel themed stickers and scrapbook kits to put together pages quickly and easily. These can help you to sketch out the basic pages even before your vacation and are real time savers. Just fill in with your photographs, dates, and journal entries.

You can use almost anything from your vacation to make great scrapbook embellishments including the paper luggage tags, hotel stationary, tour maps and stamped tickets, postcards, ribbons, or even dried flowers. Keep the items in page protectors or the pockets if you are not certain if they are acid free.

Making a scrapbook album of your trip is a wonderful way to preserve your vacation memories for years to come and share your scrapbook travel albums with family and friends.


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