Five Great Travel Ideas For the Holiday Season Which Won’t Break the Budget

Travel Ideas For the Holiday Season

People these days are keeping a close watch on their budgets. Worrying about paying the mortgage, putting food on the table and getting to work puts vacations down the list of our priorities. Some people do not even consider the idea of taking a vacation. However, you know what they say about all work and no play …?

Here are five travel ideas that you can do, even when you’re on a tight budget. Let’s have a look at how you can do it. Try thinking of it as therapy for your spirit. Just a brief rest from the rat race can certainly work wonders at relieving all that built up stress and re-energizing your spirits!

1. How well do you know all the towns and attractions within a 50 mile radius of home? When you are thinking of a vacation, that fabulous little coastal town just 20 miles away may not even cross your mind. One thing to consider however is that if you have never been there, you will have absolutely no idea how it gained it’s gorgeous reputation. Why not go online and check it out. You may be surprised at what you find. Is it an artsy community, full of bed and breakfasts’, artisans, a cheese factory or even a winery? Go and check out their calendar for local festivals and theatre productions. A one night stay at the historic B&B and two days filled with exploring the town won’t ruin the budget and serves to put enough distance between you and the same-old same-old to allow you to lose yourself for just a couple of days, returning home refreshed and cheery, ready to face another month of toil.

2. Why not trying to modify the parent-only romantic weekend. Depending on where you live, you may not even have to leave your home town! During the colder months, hotels often run specials to attract visitors during the slow season. Check your local newspaper and give some of the better hotels a call to see if they’ve got anything going. If your goal is to take it easy, have a swim, watch movies without having to get up and make breakfast, this extremely affordable travel idea could just be the ticket. Think of it this way, should an emergency arise, you can be home in ten minutes!

3. If you are lucky enough that your purse allows for a bit more extravagance, go and scour the travel newsletters for those last minute bargain airfares. They are out there, you just need to be diligent in checking them regularly. Many are all-inclusive packages that get you to some beach front paradise. Even if you have to set aside money from each paycheck for a few months, this travel idea can have you snorkeling, sun bathing and enjoying an exotic array of food in a new and exciting culture that satisfies your travel itch and lasts for months to come.

4. Certainly don’t forget that the travel industry is in somewhat of a slump. They need your business. You have probably seen the television ads for resorts, offering gas coupons and plenty of other incentives, along with reduced rates. Choose ones which are within driving distance and take advantages of these cheap prices. These days, you need to think outside the box for travel ideas that are affordable and still exciting enough to provide that break you need.

5. The last travel idea applies to when you’re traveling by air. Considering now that airlines charge over the top for extra baggage, pack wisely and save. Wherever you’re going, there’s absolutely no reason to take more than a carry-on, even when traveling in winter. Wear your coat, boots and at least one sweater when you board. Roll the rest of your clothes. Buy your toiletries at your destination. Two dress outfits, one pair of dress shoes, a pair of jeans, a few pairs of undies and a couple of t-shirts is really all you’ll need.

It can be almost guaranteed that one of the above travel ideas will fit in perfectly with your vacation plans. Enjoy!

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